Over the six months of the programme, the Cancer Pathways Improvement Collaborative is delivering three regional learning events, plus three masterclasses and a series of webinars, bringing cancer services colleagues together to exchange ideas, share best practice, and extend learning.


Regional Events

Open to all systems in the South region, these are full day events, with expert speakers, specialist workshops and extensive opportunities for networking and sharing best practice. All of these events will be held in central London.


Ten specific systems in the region will also have access to three masterclasses, delivered in central London and Reading. Each masterclass will cover a specialist area of measurement and quality improvement, where attendees will be joined by guest speakers who will lead interactive training sessions. 


There will be series of webinars delivered throughout the programme, to support masterclass content. These bite-sized learning opportunities will enable participants to gain valuable insights without the need to take a whole day out. These webinars are open to all systems in the region.


To find out more about any of the events listed here, please get in touch via the Contact Us page. 

Booking Information

These events are only open to systems in the South region, and there are limited places available. The dates of regional events, masterclasses and webinars are given below. 

Regional Events (open to all in the region). 

Regional Launch event - Monday 24 July 2017

Second Regional Event - Monday 16 October 2017

Final Regional Event - Tuesday 6 February 2018


Webinar One: Pathway Mapping & Flow Principles - Wednesday 11 October 2017. Please register here to access the recording.  

Webinar Two: Complex Systems and the Model for Improvement - Monday 27 November 2017. Please register here to access the recording. 

Masterclasses (invitation only - open to ten specific systems) 

Masterclass One: Pathway Mapping & Flow Principles - Wednesday 20 September 2017

Masterclass Two: Complex Systems and the Model for Improvement - Wednesday 8 November 2017

Masterclass Three:  Supporting Sustainable Change - Tuesday 5 December 2017